Vacation & Long Term Rentals in Vieques


If you love unspoiled uncrowded beaches, roaming horses, blooming flowers, fresh fruit you can pick off trees, great restaurants, small local food stands, water sports, a premier bioluminescent bay, and a relaxed atmosphere 24/7 then visit and book a vacation home with us!

We also manage the majority of homes we offer as vacation rentals so you are assured they are in very good rental ready condition….clean clean clean!

Additionally Vieques is a relatively easy destination to reach from San Juan. We highly recommend flying direct from San Juan to Vieques, or as an alternative, from Ceiba to Vieques. Although the idea of a ferry to Vieques might seems charming, we do not recommend that option simply because the system is unreliable. We also highly recommend that all visitors rent a vehicle in order to get the full Vieques experience during your stay. It is better to roam free like the horses, dogs, chickens than be at the whim of unreliable taxi drivers. Additionally, rental cars can be scarce at times so as soon as you book your Vacation Rental book your vehicle immediately!